Formulation design unique to each development stage and regional requirements. All Ingredients tested for potency and quality.

Fresh goat whole milk is bused from our partner farms and tested for quality.

Liquid milk is wet blended with other dairy and nutrient ingredients* (sourced from our quality partners throughout the globe) to ensure uniform mixing of all nutrients and is then spray dried into powder.

Final base powder is tested by independent NZ government labs and our internal quality assurance.

Final blending of powder with other nutrient ingredients*, such as Omega-3 DHA, and vacuum packed and sealed into the final product.

Final full product tested by independent NZ government labs.

Packed ready for delivery.

Our safe, high quality and nutritious products are enjoyed by our consumers all around the world.

Jointly with AsureQualityTM (NZ Government owned), we have created an unrivalled supply chain traceability and anti-counterfeiting protection solution to guarantee true source, authenticity and safe products. Every product is individually recorded with a unique laser QR code. Enable authenticity check of our product.

*Dairy and nutrient ingredients sourced from our quality partners throughout the globe