Clean blue skies.
Luscious green grass.
Healthy, happy goats.

This is where our ‘production’ process starts.
Our products are manufactured right here in New Zealand under our strict supervision. You can be sure that your child
will get only the highest quality goat milk formula available anywhere in the world.

Our supply chain is integrated
from the partner farms that produce the goat whole milk
to the final product that
our consumers enjoy.

Note: Due to availability, some dairy ingredients are sourced from our quality partners throughout the world.

Our partner goat farms are located within 30 minutes’ drive from our dairy processing plant. The dairy plant converts the fresh liquid goat whole milk into a dry powder that is used directly in Baby Steps® BBs-3™ goat milk. This ensures the milk is at its freshest, and quality can be closely monitored.

As only a few partner goat farms are supplying Baby Steps® BBs-3™, the relationship with these partner farms is truly personal. Our staff are regular visitors to the farms and have close relationships with their people and in many cases the animals themselves. The farms have been established with the goal of not only bringing the world showcase examples of animal welfare but also how we as people can co-exist harmoniously together with animals.

The integration of the supply chain with the close proximity of our partner farms and factory makes for a smaller environmental footprint and this is just one of the things that we believe makes Baby Steps® BBs-3™ goat milk truly special.